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Free 10 p/min Booster Pack 3 Months Validity (AIRTEL)


It's a great trick to use Free Booster Pack for 3 Months in Airtel..

Plan Details :
A-A = 10p/min, A-M = 30/p Validity - 3 months

Step 1:

Just type "PORT " (without quotes) send it to 1900
This message is to change the Network operator by MNP (Mobile Number Portability) temporarily.

Ex: PORT 9876543210 to 1900

Step 2:
After that U'll receive a call from Airtel Customer Care about enquiry for changing the Network operator

U've to say that the tariff plans are very good in other network operators compared to airtel..

So they don’t want to lose their customers, hence they'll activate a free booster pack for 3 months..

Step 3:

They'll ask u to send message to cancel the MNP request that is made by U..

Just type "CNCL PO mobilenumber" to 202

Ex: CNCL PO 9876543210 to 202

That’s it … Ur free Booster Pack will get activated in next 48 working hours..

Enjoy ! ! !
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100% WorKinG Free GpRs 4 AirTeL,TATA & Reliance Plz Try...

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Asia Ke BigGesT sITE pe india Ka BiGgeSt HaCk Use AirTeL,Reliance &Tata DoCoMo GpRs BilKuL Free 100% WorKiNG ...
FoLLoW This STePs--
step-1. DoWnLoaD a UcWeb SoftWaRe CliCk HeRE Here by Your Mobile divice Supporting[NOte this is Orignel Ucbrowser Website Link]
step-2. Aftr downloding and Insllation FirSt TiMe Use Your Main Paid GpRs aCcess Point Like airtel User use airtelgprs.com , Reliance user Use rcomnet and Tata DocoMo user Use Tatat.Docomo.Internet oky..
Step-3. Aftr use this Your Software Was OpEn Now Exit Your UcBrowseR AND use This Settings...
Airtel User=

access Point Name=airtelgprs.com
Reliance User=
access Point Name=rcomnet
Tata DoCoMo User=
access Point Name=tata.docomo.internet
and aftr Done Setting Open UcBrowseR and Now Connect With and Now Surf and Downloading 100% Free Its 100% WorKiNg And Tested in Rajasthan,Gujrat,Maharashtra, W.B,up,mp,and assam, Try in Your States..
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Pay just Rs.99 and Get Rs.1200 IndiaPlaza Shopping Voucher!


Pay Rs.99 for gift vouchers worth Rs.1200 to shop online at Indiaplaza.in AND FREE Times Cricket trivia book worth Rs.100.

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