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Make Unlimited Income with Do Nothing Downline Club! Join FREE Today!

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Dear Fellow Business Opportunity Seeker / Internet Marketer,

My name is Ramkumar and we were in touch at some point during the last 2-3 years concerning the online business opportunites we were both involved with. That's how I still have your e-mail address in my contacts.

I don't like to misuse my contact list and send offers all the time, but couple of days ago I came across a great Internet Business called Do Nothing Downline Club and I just wanted to friendly introduce it to you. There are several ways of earning a decent income with DNDC and you can find it out here: http://www.donothingdownlineclub.com/members.asp/ramkumaritrvs/opportunity.html 

If you see a great potential this Program has, your first step would be to join here completely FREE:

Then you need to verify your account. You will find simple instructions when you sign up.
After that, you can start earning by completing the offers/tasks for free. You will be able to make $6-$7 in just 1 hour after you sign up.

The second way to maximize your earnings is by refering others into DNDC. The sign up rate is very high because the Program is Free to join and just amazing so it shouldn't be a problem to grow your downline very fast.

You will also get new members under you from your uplines (like myself) who continue to advertise and new referals are placed below their downlines (including you!).

This Online Business was started in December 2011 and is growing very fast. This week it is officially launching and don't miss this great opportunity to start making decent money online. There is a huge income potential even for FREE members. Of course, if you can afford to Upgrade, you will only improve your earning potential as described on http://www.donothingdownlineclub.com/members.asp/ramkumaritrvs/opportunity.html

So, thank you for reading this message and don't forget to sign up here:

Best regards,


p.s. If you don't want to receive these kind of offers from me anymore, please reply to this message with "remove" in the subject line.
p.s.s. If you have any additional questions about DNDC business opportunity, please feel free to email me about it.
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Order Free Re-Mission Game CD & DVD (Worldwide)

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The Re-Mission video game for teens and young adults with cancer was released by the nonprofit organization HopeLab on April 3, 2006. 
The game is a Microsoft Windows based third-person shooter based in the serious games genre.

Now, HopeLab is distributing free CDs and DVDs of this game.

Minimum Configuration
The minimum system requirements listed below are required to run the Re-Mission game. The game will not run properly on systems which do not meet these minimum specifications.

Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
1.4 GHz Pentium  IV or AMD Athlon
256 MB memory
Hard Drive:

100 MB of hard drive space (DVD only, 4GB required for CD version)
24X speed CD-ROM or higher (CD version)
2X speed DVD-ROM or higher (DVD or CD version)
Direct3D compatible video card w/64MB
9.0c or higher
DirectX compatible sound card or onboard sound
Keyboard, Mouse

The recommended system requirements listed below are recommended.  The Re-Mission game will run best with these specifications or higher.

Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
2.4 GHz Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP
512 MB memory
Hard Drive:
4 GB of hard drive space
24X speed CD-ROM or higher (CD version)
2X speed DVD-ROM or higher (DVD or CD version)
Direct3D compatible video card w/128MB, 8xAGP,

and Pixel Shader 2.0 support
DirectX 9.0c or higher
SoundBlaster Audigy 2 or compatible
Keyboard, Mouse

How To Order
  • Visit HERE
  • Select quantity  (better if you select no more than one) & click submit
  • Click continue as guest.
  • Fill up your details.
I got Mine for two DVD's.Get Your's Now.....
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Free 3G Airtel Gprs Trick get 4GB internet january 2012 | Airtel Gprs Trick 1

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 Hey friend we have great new about airtel users.on the starting of 2012 hackers get new trick to get free internet on your account without any proxy or vpn.You can get free 10Gb internet on your airtel account without any cost.You can use this internet balance in mobile or PC.


Step 1 : activate 3G in your mobile by sending message
              send 3G to 121
Step 2 : you will receive message from airtel and your 3G will activated soon.
Step 3 : you got message about various 3G options
Step 4 : Choose '1' for 3G data plans
Step 5 :Next choose '12' for 2.5 GB or '13' for 4 Gb
Step 6 : any one of is working for you..

Note: If  you have any query plz comment belows.

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Idea launched new 3G phone IDEA BLADE and ID 280 in india

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 The Idea Blade and Idea ID 280 are the mobile phones which are announced by Idea and these comes with introductory offers from Idea. Both the mobile phones are powered with Android 2.2 Froyo Operating System.see all features and price given below.

Idea Blade

The Idea Blade has 3.5 inches capacitive touchscreen display along with multi touch input andaccelerometer with auto rotate. This phone includes 3.2 mega pixel camera along with Android 2.2 makes it easy to use this phone as Wi-Fi router.
You can enjoy 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connectivity with high speed seamless 3G data transfer. With this mobile you get access to Live TV from Idea to watch you favorite programme anytime anywhere. It includes the microSD card slot supported up to 32 GB in size and includes 1250 mAh Lithium ion battery.

Among the various other features of this mobile phone it has Wi-Fi enabled, 3G, Bluetooth for wireless file transferGPS navigator, FM Radio, MP3 player, Opera Mini browser, Idea TV and integrated social media apps. Idea Blade is priced at Rs 7990 in India.

Idea ID 280

The Idea ID 280 introductory mobile phone has 2.8 inches capacitive touchscreen display with multi touch input method. It includes good enough 3.2 mega pixel camera with features of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi router. You can enjoy 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connectivity with high speed seamless 3G data transfer. With this mobile you get access to Live TV from Idea to watch you favorite programme anytime anywhere.

 Along with that this 3G mobile phone is capable of data streaming through 3G data plans from Idea, Wi-Fi and includes options like Bluetooth for wireless file transfer, GPS navigation, FM Radio, Mp3 player and Idea TV live. ID 280 from Idea is priced at Rs 5850. It includes the microSD card slot supported up to 32 GB in size and includes 1250 mAh Lithium ion battery.
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How To Use Google Search From Mobile Via SMS (Tips N Tricks) [USA and India]

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So you though you can use Google search only on your internet-enabled device and when you are online.
SMS is one of the most preferred mode of communication among people now-a-days.
Google has too realized it.

Recently Google has launched a new service that gives you access to Movie show times, Locations of local businesses, Word meanings, weather forecast, Product prices and much more on your mobile phone through SMS.

This service is currently available in 2 countries only : India & USA
The service is certainly useful in India as SMS packs are very common and don't cost much.

To perform Google search, you will have to send your search queries to a particular number and search results will be sent back to you via another SMS

India users can send their queries at  : 9773300000
USA users can send their queries at : 466453
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Send Unlimited Free SMSes From Facebook Through ChatSMS To Anyone, Anywhere, Worldwide (Tips N Tricks) [Worldwide]

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FaceBook with Free SMS :)

You must have come across many Free SMS services which offer services in one specific country only, require you to register with them or having a tricky interface.
Today I am sharing with you a way through you can send SMS to anyone, anywhere in the world, from within your popular website, Facebook.

Plus, the interface of this Facebook app is so simple, that you will fall in love with it.

How To Send Free SMS

To send free SMS from Facebook, just install this Facebook app known as ChatSMS

The only limitation this app has is character limit of 100 characters per SMS.
But I don't think that its much of a problem.

The sent SMS will contain the First name of your Facebook with your message.

This is great app !!!
Happy messaging.

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How To Reset Memory Card Password (Forgotten Memory Card Password) On Nokia Mobiles (Tips N Tricks) [Worldwide]

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Most of the mobile phones, including ones from Nokia have a feature that allows you to add a little security in terms of assigning a password to access the memory card contents in the phone.
Although this is a very good feature but it has a slight side-effect too.
It may happen that you set a password to access the memory card but later yourself forget what the password was.
It will simply mean that the memory card will become useless and you will lose the data which was already there on the memory card.


  • Curse Nokia
  • Or curse yourself

Well, you don't need to do any of this.
I am sharing with you trick to reset memory card password.


First of all, you need to have :

  • X-plore application (You can find its trial version HERE)
  • Nokia symbian mobile phone.

Steps To Recover Memory Card Password
  • Install the X-plore application in your nokia phone.
  • Now launch the X-plore application and press 0 (zero) button and select “ show the system files ”.    This will make the X-plore application to show your system files.
  • Now, head over to C:/Sys/Data/MmcStore
  • Now press 3 button from your keypad and you will see options. Now select the Hex-viewer option. This will make your phone to show files in hexadecimal.
  • Look at the 3rd Column On the screen you will see a code like ! TMSD02G (c??”?x???6?2?6?2?6). Note down the numbers excluding the ?(s) This is your memory card password. For example, here the password is 62626.
  • Now you can enter the password and view your memory card files or you can reset your memory card password to a more memorable password.
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Free License Giveaway : O&O DiskImage 5 Professional (Worldwide)

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Backing up data is something that all computer owners know they should be doing. 
But the time involved in deciding which files and folders should be included in a backup means that many people simply never get round to it - only wishing they had when it is too late. 
O&O DiskImage 5 Professional is a powerful tool which takes the hard work out of backing up your valuable files by creating an image of entire drives or partitions.You can get it free over next 18 hours.

How To Get It

Create an account HERE

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