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Hey friends, when i was surfing the net i came across Free Tata Docomo GPRS Hack. So i decided to test it, and i found out that it was a 100 % legit and working service , So today i wanted to share this hack with you. so if you want to use free gprs on tata docomo services, you can try the following trick.

This trick is an old trick but recently been working in some states of India , since its only 500 mb trick so you can browse for free, Also please avoid downloading big files, as this will alert tata docomo and they will stop this trick as well.

Follow the instructions below for Free Tata Docomo GPRS hack:

All you have to do is just send the following message to following number, please note that all sms sent to 54321 are free of cost and no balance will be deducted.

After sending the above message you will recieve the following sms from 54321 :

Your request received

After sometimes you will recieve this sms in reply :

Hi! Thank you for requesting for activation of free 500 MB data offer valid for 6 months. We shall revert within 48 hours.

Now, wait for 48 hours or till you get a confirmation message , After 48 hours you can start enjoying your free 500MB gprs for free, no cost , no risk, no gprs pack required.

Also sometimes after 48 hours you will recieve this sms in reply :

Sorry! You are not eligible for free 500 MB data offer as the IMEI number of this device does not match with our record. Please call 121 for more information.

In this case change your handset and try again..

So friends, I hope this free Tata Docomo GPRS Hack tutorial will be useful for you. If you have any problem in this Tata Docomo Free GPRS Hack tutorial, please mention it in comments bellow.

Enjoy Tata Docomo Free GPRS Hack 2011.........


Courtesy: WildHacker  
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