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Free 3G from Aircel June Update

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Aircel 3G Free For 30 Days - Jun 2013
Yes! it's true Aircel is giving free usage of 3G for 30 days. They have launched a new promo in which they are giving free usage of unlimited 3G till 30 days between 6:00am to9:00am. Where Airtel,Vodafone and other service providers having there speed capped while you use VPN tricks,here is a great chance for all of us to enjoy free unlimited 3G from Aircel.

It is quite simple to activate this free
3G service. Lets see how to activate
Aircel 3G for free 30 days
First Dial *122*456#
Now you'll receive a confirmation msg as below mentioned.
Dear Customer thank you for subscribing to 3G Mornings. Now enjoy unlimited 3G from 6AM to 9AM for the next 30 days.
Done! now enjoy free unlimited 3G.
Well it was quite simple to activate
this free 3G service from Aircel.


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